Over Staying Your Welcome

When I last taught the Tuesday night dance class at the Club, I had only one student, and she was 15 minutes late. I left the club depressed and discouraged. There were other indications that my popularity there had waned. My picture and profile had disappeared from the Pilates staff wall display. My last attempt to produce a Performance Project there failed to generate minimal enrollment, and had to be cancelled. All my suggestions for innovative class formats were ignored.


I have a pattern of continuing to offer my expertise where it is no longer wanted, of overstaying my welcome.


How do you know when it’s time to move on?


I’ve worked for all the major, upscale health clubs in San Francisco. Dissatisfaction forces me to take a second look at the professional teaching terrain and my own, underlying desires. I want to belong to a team, to feel myself part of a faculty. Can I still make that happen in an environment where I’ve become obsolete? The challenge is to find a purposeful alternative in which I believe that I have a clear, creative and collaborative opportunity.

What do you recommend?


2 thoughts on “Over Staying Your Welcome

  1. I have always enjoyed your classes, Michael. You are an excellent teacher and the only reason I stopped was due to a foot injury. As far as getting students excited about ballet classes, because of everyone’s hectic lifestyles today it is difficult for teachers to get students to attend classes on a regular basis. And even more difficult to commit to a dance troupe. The night time classes at the JCC are well attended due to the after work crowd. Maybe starting a basic Ballet Bar class in the evening at the JCC. A class with no pressure to perform, as life is stressful enough.

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