Volition Fitness

Behind the Red Gate

Behind the Red Gate

Behind the red gate a dark passage funnels you into a slice of paradise, my garden. We might practice yoga here among the flowers, carry a pair of dumb bells  to the yard and climb stairs or hang from TRX straps. This is San Francisco at its finest, and if, as Tony Bennet sings, ‘The morning fog may chill the air…I don’t care,” we’ll retreat to the converted Victorian carriage house that is home to my studio. Welcome to Volition Fitness.

It’s very private here, usually just one fitness client at a time; so we can make of it whatever you wish. There’s plenty of heavy equipment if you’ve got muscle on your mind or Pilates apparatus if a more subtle approach is desired. Had a tough day? Let’s light candles and listen to the fountain while we workout. Play day? Let’s crank up the tunes and dance! There’s a barre, mirrors and room to move.

Small classes convene at Volition Fitness as well. Men and women have their own evening exercise circuit classes; and often this place functions as a sanctuary for people with significant health challenges.

You can learn all about it by visiting my web site. There you’ll find prices, class options and  information about events and workshops.



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