The purpose of this blog is to engage my fellow teachers, fitness trainers, and any other wanderers, in a conversation about movement education. I’m returning to this forum after a recurrence of prostate cancer; and I have now added Certified Cancer-Exercise Trainer to my list of credentials. This is my way of transforming the adversity I’ve known into a life purpose that serves others.


The gym or the dance studio is an ideal, isolated place to examine life.

Ours is a profession full of metaphor. When we teach or train, there’s usually more at stake than the weight of the dumb bell or the number of repetitions; hence the title — More Than Muscle.

As a fitness trainer, it is my mission to challenge others for their benefit. Here we can examine the demands that we face as teachers, and those that we set or supervise.

Name the challenge!

What do you recommend? These posts are meant to start a conversation, not a rant. I look forward to the exchange of ideas and experiences. If you want to keep a response close to your heart instead of sharing it publicly, then you’re welcome to send me a personal note. Email me at: VolitionFitnessSF@gmail.com

You can discover more at my web site: http://www.VolitionFitness.com

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